The Differentiators Of Boarding School

Recent articles about the application process to res life help you decide if boarding school could be the right fit for you.


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  • What It Takes To Get Into The Best Colleges

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    You played classical music for them while they were in the womb. You read to them each night and let them read to you early, and often. You encouraged and motivated, edited and assured, and before you could blink, high school appeared on the horizon. And, just beyond that, college looms, foreboding and important. While […]

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  • 10 Myths About Boarding School Debunked

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    Where and how your child learns can greatly impact their chances for success. A boarding school education can be a superior alternative when considering schools. Here, we’ve compiled the most common misperceptions about boarding school from parents. Browse through them to learn the truth and discover more about boarding school. MYTH: Boarding schools are very rigid […]

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  • 5 Advantages of #BoardingSchoolLife

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    1. Find Your Path and Passion Gone are the days of defining yourself by a single activity. Here, you’re encouraged to try everything. From arts to athletics to off-campus explorations, you’ll have countless opportunities to have fun with your classmates, pursue your passions and discover new ones. And when you have everything right on campus, […]

  • Where You Should Be in the Application Process by Mid-December

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    The traditional application deadline is about a month away. Again, know your admission application and financial aid application deadlines. Deadlines could be anywhere from January 10, January 15, February 1, or rolling admission. Each school has its own admission and financial aid application deadlines. Make sure you know them. Have them in writing, or, in […]

  • ​Applying to Private Schools After The Deadline

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    As a family, choosing an independent school for the coming fall may not have been in your plans when the school year began, but circumstances change and needs change with them. This time of year, you may be thinking about a school change.

  • ​Applying Late to Boarding School

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    Applying late to boarding school can be a stressful endeavor. Our advice – relax, breathe and create a plan. Even with uncertainty about space availability, you quite possibly may have several options. While it is true that the most selective schools will be full and have only waiting lists by spring time, many good schools […]

  • ​​11 Questions to Ask An Educational Consultant Before Hiring Them

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    The many “to do” items that you need to check off during the private school admission process can be daunting, especially for families new to school search. It leads some to turn to placement advisors for help in navigating the admission waters. But how do you find the right independent educational consultant? And what questions […]

  • ​​10 Things to Think About If You’re Considering Boarding School

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    No decision seems quite as big as one that impacts our children’s future. And choosing to go to boarding school is certainly a decision that could change their lives for the better. Whether you’re ready to apply or still trying to decide if it’s the right fit for your student, here are a few things […]

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  • ​Private School Rankings – Why We Don’t Rank Schools

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    At least once a week, we get a request to rank our schools. Where does school X fall on the list? What about school Y? We always answer, “Please ignore private school rankings.” Why? Because rankings are simply inaccurate. They can never capture and convey the nuances that make each boarding school unique. A number […]