The Differentiators Of Boarding School

Recent articles about the application process to res life help you decide if boarding school could be the right fit for you.

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  • Top 10 Questions Asked During Boarding School Interviews

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    Baylor School (Chattanooga, Tennessee) We rounded up some of our favorite boarding school students and asked them what they remembered from their entrance interviews. Use this list and our helpful admission tips to put yourself in position to nail your boarding school interview. Though each school has its own criteria, there are a few questions you can expect […]

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  • ​Private School Rankings – Why We Don’t Rank Schools

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    At least once a week, we get a request to rank our schools. Where does school X fall on the list? What about school Y? We always answer, “Please ignore private school rankings.” Why? Because rankings are simply inaccurate. They can never capture and convey the nuances that make each boarding school unique. A number […]